COMSA is a society of coffee producers in the Marcala Region, La Paz, Honduras, which aims to achieve economic, social and environmental goals, as a strategy for reducing poverty and promoting sustainable development. They are more than a Coffee Cooperative. COMSA realized that to transform the culture of the community they needed to start at the root, the children. Much like a coffee plant, the human being needs to be raised and cultivated in a environment that promotes growth, a sustainable growth. So, through the implementation of innovative, thoughtful and analytical education starting at the childhood level they are ensuring a bright future for generations to come. COMSA is also responsible for educating and training producers in coffee production. Using organic practices and implementing innovative technological procedures, producers are able to improve farm productivity. It is through this push towards the diversification of production that the farm is transformed into an integrated production unit in which all family members participate in the production process and ensures sustainable income and growth.

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