About Us

Mike Paluso’s journey began in 2012 in a small cafe located in the small mountain town of Copan Ruinas, Honduras. It was there he ordered his first black coffee. He was blown away not only with how smooth and balanced this cup was, but a feeling of being present. He fell in love with this feeling. And so began his love affair with everything coffee. To Mike, coffee represented that feeling of being in the moment.  A moment he would be chasing for the next several years. Be it through hiking in the mountains or just brewing his favorite pour over. This feeling sparked something inside of him, a seemingly unquenchable thirst for something new. In January of 2019 Mike was invited by a family member on an origin trip to Marcala, Honduras. Now was the time. He called Hector, his long time friend and asked “ hey, want to go to Honduras and work the farm, buy the coffee, import it, roast it and sell it here?” And in true Hector fashion, without missing a beat, he says “I’m in.” Mike hopes you enjoy the coffee as much as he does and hopes someone catches that same feeling that inspired Mike in 2012.
Hector never really paid too much attention to his coffee. He would always put either tons of creamer or order latte’s because of his preconceived notion that black coffee was too bitter. All that changed Christmas Eve 2018. Mike told Hector about his idea of importing coffee from Honduras, roasting it here and selling it locally. Fast forward a month later he was on a coffee farm in the mountains of Honduras with Mike and Santiago. It was here he had his first cup of black coffee...that he enjoyed ...and it blew his mind. It was so smooth and flavorful, almost like a tea. Now he was all in. Motivated by the challenge of finding it and getting it here, Hector was on a mission to give people this eye opening experience of what a hand-crafted cup of coffee tastes like. As a seasoned mountain biker and avid black coffee drinker he believes that Los Altos coffee will fuel and fulfill your passion for your adventure, your life.